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Some lives go from dull to half-dull and back again. Ditto for memoirs. But Sara Lavner’s life (or is it lives) and her book have a trajectory that is unpredictable and utterly captivating. She has captured herself and the loves of her life with tenderness and compassion and takes us on an unforgettable adventure through the glitter factory bestowed briefly by the name Picasso, and beyond to a very different sort of glitter – one that is quieter, more courageous and ultimately more enduring.
– K. White

Fascinating story! Could not put it down until I was finished. Hope Sara continues writing. Looking forward to her nest book.

Couldn’t put it down! Really enjoyed this book. It is completely riveting the whole time. It’s a very fun and fast read! Great for a train or airplane ride, definitely recommend it.

Straight from the heart! What a powerful memoir, straight from the heart. A woman who seems to have lived so many different lives, and weaves it all together into such rich meaning and intense beauty.
– M. Chalamet

Fabulous book very well written a MUST READ. My sister Elissa and I grew up with Sara. We had heard through the years about her marriage to Claud Picasso. Years later I met up with her in NY . She was remarried and had her family Thirty years later we found each other on Face Book. After reading her memoirs The Glitter Factory. I got the rest of the story of her life. The book was fascinating and a very fast read. I felt like I knew every event in her life. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a real Rags to Riches story and then back to reality to loving and caring life at the end.
– Sara Goldberg

June 12, 2014 • 3:26 pm