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A Memoir by Sara Lavner

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Sara and Claude Picasso
A girl from a poor family in Brooklyn falls in love and marries Claude Picasso, a son of the great artist, Pablo Picasso. She is thrown into New York high society and has to navigate the challenging waters of her new world. Can this fairytale last, or will affairs of the heart and mind draw her back to her roots? This is her story.

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Some lives go from dull to half-dull and back again. Ditto for memoirs. But Sara Lavner’s life (or is it lives) and her book have a trajectory that is unpredictable and utterly captivating. She has captured herself and the loves of her life with tenderness and compassion and takes us on an unforgettable adventure through the glitter factory bestowed briefly by the name Picasso, and beyond to a very different sort of glitter – one that is quieter, more courageous and ultimately more enduring.

– K. White

June 12, 2014 • 1:25 pm